Turn an ordinary screen into a point of sale

  • Turns your good or service into a sales proposition
  • Offers it to passers-by and potential customers.
  • Enables you to order and pay for a sales proposition in 2 clicks.
  • Automatically synchronises the range of goods with your outlet or online shop
Тurn an ordinary screen into a point of sale
install a Smart TV

To start selling, you need a mere trifle... is to install a Smart TV in any high-traffic location, equip it with internet and synchronise it with your offline or online shop using i-Retail.

The system will automatically create an internet page, generate a sales picture and a QR code. By clicking on the link it is possible to view the good and order or pay for it immediately.

Capabilities of the selling screen


Cross-platform - works on any operating system


Automatic synchronisation of ranges and prices


Shows goods and accepts payment


Send a cheque in accordance with 54 Federal Law


Doesn't require a salary, “eats” very little

For developers

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